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Isn't it time that the algorithm started delivering you your ideal customers?

Why spend HOURS each day on social media trying to find customers when you can implement a strategy that will take MINUTES each day and have them finding YOU?

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I've been there...

I spent MONTHS of my life trying to promote my business any way I could. Endlessly engaging with other accounts, jumping on any trend I could find, following thousands of people in the hope that they'd follow me back...all the while wondering my I wasn't getting any new leads or customers.

It wasn't my business that was the problem: it was my social media strategy. 

Your business is awesome and you just want people to know about it, but...

  • Apart from friends and family nobody really engages with your account

  • Most new people who follow you only do it so you'll follow them back

  • You're spending half your life chasing trends and hacks in the hope that you'll go VIRAL

  • Even when a post gets good reach it doesn't translate to sales

  • Social media is taking up time that you should be spending on your business

What if you could...

  • Use a simple social media strategy where AI did most of the work for you?

  • Ensure you were posting on the right social media platform for your business?

  • Always know what type of post to use to achieve your desired outcome, from getting more followers to converting those followers to sales?

  • Transform your social media into a powerful funnel that draws in followers, engages

      potential leads, and consistently generates sales and sign-ups week after week,

      all without any cost?

  • Forget all about engaging for hours every week with people who aren't really

      interested in what you're selling?

Introducing the
Social Media Profit Formula

The streamlined social media plan your business needs

Crafted to enable you to easily generate content that grows your audience, captures leads, and drives sales conversions.

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After completing the Social Media Profit Formula, you'll know how to...

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Hey, I'm Paul

I'm a social media coach and manager responsible for creating content for over 150 businesses. 

I run accounts for a number of clients on all the major social media channels. I write all the copy, take all the photos, make all the videos and schedule all the content, so over the years I've developed a pretty decent grasp of what works and what doesn't.

This course is all about saving you thousands of hours making the same mistakes I did along the way and streamlining your journey to a social media channel that works for your business, not only growing a followership but also converting those followers into paying customers.

The knowledge in this course is worth £1,000s but I know what it's like to run a small business with tiny budgets, which is why I'm offering it for £17. Along the way I learnt from people who imparted fantastic knowledge without expecting me to give them their life savings, so I don't expect you to give me yours.

I'm just happy to be part of your journey and excited to see where you end up!

  • What's the format of the course?
    The course is mostly in a video presentation format, but there are also bonus materials on pdfs to enable you to cut and paste and use for yourself.
  • Won't this course go out of date quite quickly?
    No: you will have access to this course for ever and it will be updated whenever necessary to reflect developments in the social media platforms it discusses and you'll be able to see all updates at no extra cost,
  • How long will it take to complete the course?
    You'll be able to get through the course and read all the bonus material in a couple of hours and you could be implementing the strategies taught in the course within a day or two, revisiting the course material whenever you need to.
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The Social Media Profit Formula

  • How to pinpoint and Streamline Your Niche to Attract Enthusiastic Buyers Eager for More

  • How to set up a professional profile to convert your ideal followers into leads and sales

  • How to create posts to attract, nurture and convert followers

  • How to sell with Instagram stories

  • How to create a hub that links to all your offers so you can sell on autopilot

  • How to use AI to plan weeks of powerful content in just minutes

  • How to create digital products for passive income

  • How to set up a simple sales funnel and earn in your sleep

  • BONUS: 40 done-for-you viral hooks

  • BONUS: 22 ready-to-use calls to action

  • BONUS: 20 powerful prompts to get AI to do your work for you

Get it before March 31 for £17
(price rises to £47 on April 1)

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