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Six Simple Ways To Elevate Your Night Photography

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Okay. let's start with an night shot I took some time ago of York's most famous street, The Shambles. It's far from perfect, but given I'd only owned my camera a couple of months at the time I still think it's pretty decent.

So if you've just bought a camera and want to recreate this shot on your nearest interesting-looking street, historical or otherwise, here are some tips:

1. Buy a tripod. Put your camera on it. This is essential for night photography if you don't want blurry images.

2. Put your camera in manual mode and set the ISO low (eg 100). This will minimise noise (ensure that your image is not grainy).

3. Set the aperture. Assuming you want the whole street to be in focus you should go with an f-stop as high as f/10-f/16

4. Set the shutter speed. Unless you have a light monitor (and you probably don't) this will be guesswork. Start with 10 seconds (this may be shown as 10' on your camera) and take a test shot. If the resultant image is too dark, increase the length of time the shutter is open; if it's too light decrease.

5. When you're happy that you have the right settings for the exposure you require, compose your shot. Get down nice and low for an interesting perspective, and line the vanishing point/horizon up using the rule of thirds principle

6. Take the shot. Marvel at the results. Get in out of the cold.

Feel free to share your night images in the comments section.

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