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The Six Funniest Headshot Fails By The Most Ridiculous Photographers

Updated: Oct 6, 2021

Hate your work photograph? At least it doesn't look like any of these shots of American real estate agents, whose photographers might not have given them the best advice... (Photo credit: imgur)

"Know what people like? Dogs. Dogs that look a bit like their owners"

"Trust me, Zeke, no self-respecting realtor is gettin their headshot done without a bluetooth headset in their ear these days"

"I just worked out how to do this cool thing in photoshop. Trust me, you're gonna love it"

"Yeah, I'll make it look classy, but subtle too."

"Yeah, I've got a great idea. Now bear with me: do you like ventriliqui..."

"Know who people would buy a house from? Derren Brown."

I'd like to think my headshots are considerably better than these, but don't just take my word for it: have a look!

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