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The Full Edit

(If you haven't already watched the video on the basic edit please do that first.)

If a basic edit takes care of lighting, colours, sharpness and whatnot, what is there left for a full edit to achieve?

Well, a full edit will target specific areas of an image for amendments. If you want to add texture to one area but remove it from another area, for example, you're going to need a full edit. Rather than me struggle to explain how this works or how effective it is, I'll let you watch this video I made of a real-time full edit of a self portrait.

Do you need full edits?

As well as basic edits of pretty much every photo taken on their shoot, I supply clients with a handul of fully edited images for free with the option to pay for packages of further full edits. But do you need full edits?

It depends, really, on what the image is to be used for. A basic edit is probably enough for an Instagram post that someone is going to view on a three-inch screen (although I use full edits in all my posts). An image that is to be enlarged for use on your website or a poster or somesuch is well worth treating to a full edit. And a nice portrait like the one in the video may lend itself better to a full edit than a wide shot of your office.

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